East 6.5 Module: Survival

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SURVIVAL is an East module for planning, simulating, monitoring and communicating group sequential clinical trial designs with survival endpoints. SURVIVAL provides a wide variety of options for survival endpoints in superiority and non-inferiority studies. It includes advanced capabilities to account for subject dropouts, non-uniform accrual, non-constant hazard rates and fixed follow-up time in studies with time-to-event endpoints. Simulate for accurate estimation of the total study duration - even under different enrollment patterns with differential drop out and varying hazard rates for the treatment arms, or to accommodate alternatives for non-proportional hazards.

East SURVIVAL provides powerful yet simple to use simulation tools that can illustrate complex survival data at the design stage.

East SURVIVAL features:
  • Non-uniform accrual
  • Variable subject drop-outs
  • Variable and fixed subject follow-up
  • Piecewise exponential hazard rates
  • Lagged treatment effects and other non-proportional hazards scenarios
  • Option to specify accrual & study duration or accrual rate & sample size
  • Multiple survival and drop-out parameter input methods
  • Interactive event rate charts to predict accrual and accumulation of events over time
  • Power charts based on sample size, accrual duration, study duration and number of events
  • Stratified sampling and stratified Logrank Test

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