East 6.5 Module: MultiArm

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MULTIARM is an East module that offers the ability to plan, simulate, analyze, and communicate multi-arm fixed sample clinical trial designs. MULTIARM provides a wide variety of multiple testing procedures for the strong control of family-wise type-1 error rate when comparing multiple treatment arms to a control for Normal and Binomial endpoints.

East MULTIARM guides users through the complexities of multiplicity adjustment in order to construct reliable trials with multiple arms. A crucial regulatory requirement for multi-arm trials is establishing strong control of the family-wise error rate. East provides a variety of multiplicity adjustment measures to confirm strong control, along with advanced calculations that demonstrate a trial’s statistical power.

Multiple Pairwise Comparisons with a Control:
  • Continuous endpoint: Difference of means
  • Binary endpoint: Difference on proportions

Parametric Multiple Comparison Procedures:

  • Dunnett’s single step
  • Dunnett's step down
  • Dunnett's step up

P-value based Multiple Comparison Procedures:

  • Bonferroni
  • Sidak
  • Weighted Bonferroni
  • Holm's step down
  • Hochberg's step up
  • Hommel's step up
  • Fixed Sequence
  • Fallback


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