East 6.5 Module: Adapt

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ADAPT is an East module for planning, simulating, monitoring, and communicating clinical trial designs that incorporate un-blinded sample size re-estimation rules. ADAPT provides a wide variety of options for normal and binomial endpoints, with strong control of the type-1 error rate. ADAPT includes hypothesis testing and adjusted inference based on methods by Cui, Hung, and Wang (1999), Mueller and Schafer (2001), Chen, DeMets, and Lan (2004), Gao, Ware and Mehta (2008), and the Promising Zone Design approach of Pocock and Mehta (2010).

Sample Size Re-estimation

  • Adapt trials based on look, number, interim sample size, or information scale

  • Define the Promising Zone based on conditional power, test statistic, or estimated effect size. The Promising Zone allows users to determine increases in sample size given information acquired during the trial.

  • Experiment with multiple adaptation rules and select the best for your trial.

  •  Vary accrual and dropout patterns to perform sensitivity analysis.

  • Fine-tune the design by comparing multiple values of all these parameters.

Conditional Power Calculators

  • Accurate analysis at design and interim stage.

  • Useful for early-stopping decisions. 

Trial Simulation Tools

  •  Evaluate power and expected sample size of Cui, Hung and Wang method (Biometrics, 1999)

  • Evaluate power and expected sample size of Chen, DeMets and Lan extension (Statistics in Medicine, 2004)

  • Evaluate power and expected sample size of Müller and Schäfer method (Biometrics, 2001)


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